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Rise of a StarĀ 

Somewhere underneath the shadow of the Sun, between the layers of water, inside the darkness, she was finding a path to her soul. She was fighting a battle with her own self within her hearth, a battle between silence and storm. And eventually there was a rise of a star with divine soul and brave heart..!!

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On The Top..



Day by day, losing hopes, yet hopeful to experience success one day. “I’ll see myself on top one day” she always said to herself. She tried her level best, yet was a constant disappointment to her parents. One day, when nobody had heard her, they entered her room, only to find her at the top, hanging on the ceiling.

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A Question Unanswered..

A Question Unanswered


You have to sacrifice a lot of things. You have to walk thousands of miles with millions of hurdles. You need to walk on fire and still, you must not complain. One is not allowed to make the things easier for self or else you won’t be qualified for the acceptance. But the question is why love requires to be validated or to be qualified? Why is love not accepted in its pure form? Why does one have to cross the limits to prove his or her love?