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A Musical Morning..



Every morning, he used to wait for that stranger who had made his mornings bright. Just a glance at her made him fly high. The sudden absence of her made him feel uncomfortable, his morning turned dull and dusty. It happened for few days, so he stopped expecting to see her again. He thought that his mornings would never turn blue again. Above his imagination, that day they met each other at the same place. His heart skipped a beat and started singing “वो अचानक आ गई, यूँ नज़र के सामने, जैसे निकल आया घटा से चाँद” He was wearing a smile on his face and so was she. She was blushing and he could not stop smiling. The untold story, penned down by eyes, had begun yet again.

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Cloud of Tears..



It was raining heavily. She decided to enjoy watching it. The radio too was playing soothing music. The atmosphere around her became refreshing and delighted her. She wished for the rains to continue for a long time. Suddenly. the radio played a song that caught her attention. She remembered that he would sing the same song for her. She was lost in the song and failed to realise that it wasn’t raining just outside, the clouds had burst in her eyes too.

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Boundaries of Horoscope..



“The marriage cannot be fixed. The horoscopes don’t agree” said the old priest. The parents of both accepted and moved on, but they could not. They believed that those stars which were responsible for bringing them together cannot disagree on a paper. They allowed all to calm down, without letting out any hint of their next move.When everything was calm as before, they left for the airport, as he had arranged to live peacefully in a different nation, where the boundaries of horoscope no longer existed and they could live peacefully. That day, the horoscopes too high-fived at each other for their bravery.