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A Question Unanswered..

A Question Unanswered


You have to sacrifice a lot of things. You have to walk thousands of miles with millions of hurdles. You need to walk on fire and still, you must not complain. One is not allowed to make the things easier for self or else you won’t be qualified for the acceptance. But the question is why love requires to be validated or to be qualified? Why is love not accepted in its pure form? Why does one have to cross the limits to prove his or her love?

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A Musical Morning..



Every morning, he used to wait for that stranger who had made his mornings bright. Just a glance at her made him fly high. The sudden absence of her made him feel uncomfortable, his morning turned dull and dusty. It happened for few days, so he stopped expecting to see her again. He thought that his mornings would never turn blue again. Above his imagination, that day they met each other at the same place. His heart skipped a beat and started singing “वो अचानक आ गई, यूँ नज़र के सामने, जैसे निकल आया घटा से चाँद” He was wearing a smile on his face and so was she. She was blushing and he could not stop smiling. The untold story, penned down by eyes, had begun yet again.