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Colourful Tears..

Colourful Tears



It was a hectic day at work. He had toiled a lot. Sweating profusely, yet tired, he entered his home. It was almost midnight. He was hungry too but in no mood to eat. He unlocked the door and it was dark. All were sleeping. He entered and without switching on the lights, locked the door from inside in order to let them sleep. He walked in slowly and silently towards his room, without making any noise. He opened the door of his room and whatever his eyes saw, stole away all his tiredness and sleep. His little girl, who had just turned 7 years some months back, had her hands stained with paints of various colours. He looked at his wall, she had written, “Happy Birthday Papa” with paint. She turned and looked at him, came running and hugged him. The paint got applied to his face and clothes, but the moment became colourful with his tears.


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