Posted in Poetry

Journey of an Unknown Lady..

It was noon and above everyone, the sun

She stepped out when all her work was done

But where would she go when everything was gone;

At the point where neither happiness nor worries could be born?

She commenced moving away from her home

The home that she loved when she was as gentle as a foam

She reached a place where she could walk no more,

As the land ended at the shore

She felt calm as the waves kept shouting loudly

‘I wish I could be like a wave’, she thought proudly

‘Where there is nothing to cry for yesterday, or worry about tomorrow

Where there is neither happiness nor sorrow

No house to look after or a family to maintain

Just keep on washing the sand without any pain’

And with this she started walking till the shore appeared blurred

Where neither the sand nor the waves could stop her

Even though the way was full of ambiguity

While everybody trembled, she reached her infinity.



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