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The World of Dreams..

It was brighter than the brightest. Their eyes were glittering with sparks. The doors of hope were opened. The way to their dreams was finally in front of them. They were about to put their first step in completely a new world, the world they always wanted to live in. Finally, they took a path of heaven where all the beautiful souls lived. They were running to the horizons, hand in the hand, running to chase that brightness. It was a divine union, union of two beautiful souls, two magical hearts, leaving their bodies behind in the same world where the world was still throwing stones of hatreds on them. They left that world which was full of greedy people and chose the way to heaven where no one would be there to separate them apart. Only love would be in the surrounding, in the air, in every single thing that was there in heaven. Two souls, Two hearts, were now One. No He, No She, just, “We”.





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